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Video: COVID-19 Business Continuity

Coronavirus Information Hub

Video: Ensure business continuity in the age of COVID-19.

As a CEO as well as a practicing cardiologist, Dale Owen of Tryon Medical Partners has a unique understanding of both the business and medical issues of the coronavirus crisis.

In the videos below, Dr. Owen discusses the strategy and the on-the-ground implementation of Tryon Medical Partners’ COVID-19 Business Continuity program, offered to businesses of all sizes through Tryon Direct. He also answers frequently asked questions from business leaders.

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1) Ensuring Business Continuity

2) What can I expect in the second wave of coronavirus?

 3) What are the different types of COVID-19 tests?

4) How do I determine who in my company to test?

5) How quickly can coronavirus spread in the workplace?

6) Why should I test now when it’s only a point in time?

7) Does Tryon Medical Partners have the capacity to test my volume of employees?

8) How can Tryon Medical Partners ensure access to COVID-19 tests when I hear there is still a shortage?