Employers: Get your COVID questions answered by our Task Force

Employers: Get your COVID questions answered by our Task Force

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If you’re a Tryon Direct patient experiencing symptoms, please call us at 704-626-6700 to reach our triage nurse. Non Tryon Direct patients, call: 704-495-6334.

With the help of Tryon Direct

Reduce healthcare costs. Increase employee satisfaction. We'll show you how.

For a modest fee per employee, Tryon Direct offers:

  • Unlimited visits and 24/7 access to the highly trained primary care physicians of Tryon Medical Partners, conveniently located in 8 clinics across the greater Charlotte area

  • Same-day/next-day appointments, virtual visits, and phone consultations

  • Access to high-quality, low-cost specialists

Tryon Direct Healthcare costs visual

The Problem

Healthcare and insurance industries generate $750B in waste each year

In 2018, total healthcare spending represented 17.9% of GDP. Americans shelled out $2.5 trillion on healthcare. That’s $10,739 per person. In Charlotte, the cost is 20% higher.

Across the U.S., the rate of specialist referrals has increased by 94% over the past 10 years. Due to time pressures driven by high patient loads, primary care physicians currently delegate nearly 40% of primary care services (services they could handle in their offices if they had the time to do so) to higher-cost specialists.

Financial waste is furthermore perpetuated by:

  • Failures of care delivery and coordination
  • Overtreatment or defensive medicine
  • Administrative complexities
  • Fraud
  • Abuse
  • Barrier access

Our Solution

The future of healthcare for self-funded employers

Tryon Direct is neither concierge medicine nor your average direct primary care (DPC) practice.

While having similar access and patient satisfaction, Tryon Direct exceeds concierge medicine by providing more services at a lower cost. Unlike typical DPC practices, which are mostly comprised of mid-level providers receiving physicians oversight, Tryon Direct’s 64 exceptional primary care physicians at 8 convenient locations deliver top-notch care to each and every patient.

Tryon Direct is different. This is the next generation of primary care.

Tryon Direct

  • Care is patient-driven
  • Patients can see their physician at any time
  • Office visit is spent with physician
  • Practices are proactive in their care of patients with chronic illness

Typical Practice

  • Care is practice-driven
  • Patients must wait to see their physician
  • Office visit is spent waiting
  • Practices are reactive in their care of patients with chronic illness

Population Health

The Tryon Direct Solution

Give physicians time to build a relationship with each patient

Only refer to the best, most affordable specialists and only when necessary

Avoid the high incentivized costs of hospital systems & fee-for-service providers

Help ensure better outcomes and lower costs through medication management

Identify and manage high-risk populations

Find efficiencies and streamline processes

A tradition of innovation

Tryon Medical Partners reimagines primary care, putting patients and doctors back in control

In 2018, the nearly 90 physicians of Tryon Medical Partners moved away from big healthcare to deliver better healthcare. We share a core belief: the patient-doctor connection is the foundation for better health.

We are an independent practice because it allows us to remain true to our principles while delivering better care rooted in stronger relationships.

An extraordinary team

See the difference with Tryon Medical Partners

Dedication to genuine care

In our patients' words


You have successfully established a practice which is patient-centric, caring and responsive. I am so pleased with all who have assisted me. I feel very privileged to be among your patents.”


The doctors and staff are supportive, knowledgeable and approachable. I know I have a team on my side when it comes to my health, and I’m confident that I’m getting the best possible care.”


I have the greatest unconditional confidence in my doctor’s professional and personal interest in my health and life. He shares real-life experiences to assist me in making good choices.”