An innovative approach to employer-funded health plans

An innovative approach to employer-funded health plans

Tryon Direct offers direct primary care (DPC) that cuts out the high cost, waste and excessive specialist referrals associated with the healthcare industry.

With Tryon Direct, employers get a 15–25% savings on overall cost of care for their employees. Employees get patient-driven, proactive care from the highly trained primary care physicians of Tryon Medical Partners who take the time needed with every patient, every visit.

The Tryon Direct difference

For a modest fee per employee, Tryon Direct offers:

Unlimited access

24/7 access to primary care physicians, unlimited number of appointments, virtual visits, remote messaging with doctors


Same-day/next-day appointments at 9 clinics across the greater Charlotte area, no out-of-pocket costs or deductibles

Reduced specialist referrals

Physicians spend more time with patients and only refer to the best, most affordable specialists when necessary

No more insurance hassles

Free primary care visits, free common labs, care that’s in the doctor’s control

Nurse triage

On-call nurse to triage acute health needs, minimizing urgent care visits

In Our Patient's Words

“You have successfully established a practice which is patient-centric, caring and responsive. I am so pleased with all who have assisted me. I feel very privileged to be among your patients.”

“The doctors and staff are supportive, knowledgeable and approachable. I know I have a team on my side when it comes to my health, and I’m confident that I’m getting the best possible care.”

“I have the greatest unconditional confidence in my doctor’s professional and personal interest in my health and life. He shares real-life experiences to assist me in making good choices.”

Tryon Direct

  • Care is patient-driven
  • Patients can see their physician at any time
  • Office visit is spent with physician
  • Practices are proactive in their care of patients with chronic illness

Typical Practice

  • Care is practice-driven
  • Patients must wait to see their physician
  • Office visit is spent waiting
  • Practices are reactive in their care of patients with chronic illness

The future of healthcare for self-funded employers

Tryon Direct partners with employers to strengthen their companies by managing the ballooning costs of healthcare and ensuring employees are healthier and happier.

Our doctors are dedicated to improving the delivery of healthcare by returning to the core relationship essential to better health – the patient-doctor relationship. This is the next generation of primary care.