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Coronavirus for Companies – Webinar Series

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Q & A From the 1.7.2021 Webinar:

  • What would drive the 3rd wave? I understand the 2nd wave, with winter driving people indoors, but the 3rd wave in late winter early spring is different.
    • The third wave will be driven by atmospheric conditions, temperature, spring break, anything that creates more mobility. Spread will increase as activity increases.
  • When someone gets vaccinated what will they actually get to show as proof as being vaccinated. 
    • Names of people vaccinated are being entered into a national portal. A paper card is given to the recipient of the vaccine as well.
  • I have read that an employer can require an employee to be vaccinated.  If they do not get one, they can be let go from the employment unless there is a religious reason.  You may need to refer this to legal. 
    • We will respond to this question on Jan. 14th’s webinar when legal counsel is in attendance.
  • If someone has a weakened immune system, will they have worse side effects if they take the vaccine?
    • No.
  • Also for manufacturing, is everyone that works for the company eligible?
    • Yes. The key is to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible.
  • If you are not a TMP patient can you get the vaccine thru Tryon Medical?
    • Currently no, but we will be applying for that capability and will release information as it becomes available.
  • Where can employees that are considered phase 1 B go to get the vaccine?
    • Contact your health department (Bojangles Coliseum is an administration site for Mecklenburg County).
  • Why the third wave?
    • Surges occur with activity and congregation of people, as we saw with July 4th, school openings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Then there’s less activity of people congregating during winter months. As the weather improves, congregation picks up. Atmospheric changes also improve viral spread as well.
  • Are the demographic analyses considering if those being offered vaccines have insurance?
    • We know for those who have insurance, the insurance will be billed. Those who don’t, the federal government will cover the cost.
  • Explain the new strain and how much more contagious it is.
    • The new strain is 2-3x more contagious, but no more deadly than the current strain. Count on the new strain being in every state already. We’re just not checking for it specifically currently.
  • Why are the health care workers, besides the doctors not getting the vaccine?  Is it due to the fact the workers have already been infected?
    • Healthcare workers tend to be made up of a high percentage of less well represented cultural and racial groups, which in aggregate have been more suspicious of vaccines. They’re not “anti-vaxers”. They’re very concerned about the fact that this is a new vaccine and there’s not a lot of long-term data. Read up on the Tuskegee Trial.

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